Tivoli Incursion Set to Classical Music - Jamaica Observer

Date: 12/06/2010

JAMAICAN classical composer Petershbourne reconstructed this year's incursion into the West Kingston stronghold of Tivoli Gardens at a recent International Chamber Music soiree.

The world premiere of Asbourne's Prelude for Oboe and Strings replaced violence with violins led by Barbadian Oboe soloist Althea Neblett along with musicians from Jamaica, Japan, Colombia, Israel and other countries.

The composition revolved around a seven-note phrase introduced by the orchestra then re-interpreted by the soloist. It becomes increasingly mournful with each re-interpretation. The contemporary composition had parallels with the Hollywood sound — emphasising emotion rather than virtuosity.

"It was written and dedicated to our Jamaican people who died in May 2010 in Tivoli," stated the night's host Elaine Wint.

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